Integrated Health and Aged-Care Compliance Software

  • FREE NSQHS and Aged-care compliance checklists
  • Create and customise your own checklists
  • Upload and add links to compliance evidence
  • Monitor assessment progress in real-time
  • Insightful compliance analytics and reporting
  • Insightful compliance analytics and reporting
  • Integrated improvement reporting 
  • Full audit trail with name and date stamping

This Compliance Master® solution has been specifically created for Australian health and aged-care and organisation that must conduct regular compliance self-assessments against the 2nd Edition NSQHS and Aged-Care Quality standards.

As part of this special offer providers will receive a preconfigured checklist template covering all the compliance requirements outlined in the NSQHS standards, and an additional checklist covering the requirements outlined in the Commissions Draft Aged-Care Module. Link

Each checklists enables providers to regulatory assess and record details of their compliance, upload and add links to supporting compliance evidence, and report what actions they are taking to address identified non-compliances and improve their compliance performance.

Subscribers can also use the software to create and tailor their own checklist templates to assess and monitor their compliance with other industry standards, regulations, processes and customer requirements.

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Health and Aged-Care Compliance Software Features and Benefits


This special Compliance Master® offer has been designed for Australian health and aged-care providers seeking to integrate their compliance assessment, reporting and continuous improvement processes.

Two FREE preconfigured checklist templates enable organisations to consistently assess, record and share information supporting their compliance with the NSQHS and Aged-Care Quality standards.

Organisations can create and tailor checklist templates for other standards, regulations, processes and customer requirements. 

Assessors are able to record and attach evidence demonstrating what actions their organisation is taking to address identified non-compliances and improve its overall compliance performance. 

Compliance assessment reports can be easily downloaded, emailed and shared with internal and external stakeholders and assessors can schedule reassessment reminders and receive automatic email alerts.


Enjoy the assurance and efficiency benefits of integrating all your organisation’s compliance management activities with the one easy-to-use software solution.

Significantly reduce the amount of time and effort needed to regularly assess and demonstrate your organisation’s compliance to internal and external stakeholders; including accreditation assessors.

Avoid signficant non-compliance costs by identifying and correcting gaps in your organisations’ systems and processes before they can adversely impact on its quality-of-care, accreditation, reputation, and bottom-line.

Provide board-members and senior-managers improved insight into your organisation’s compliance performance, enabling them to more effectively carry out their compliance management and improvement responsibilities. 

Significantly reduce the amount of time and effort spent collecting and analysing compliance data, recording and tracking improvement actions, and reporting results to internal and external stakeholders. 

Get the best value from your organisation’s limited improvement resources by ensuring they’re always focused on its areas of highest non-compliance risk.


Compliance Master® provides a highly secure on-line platform for assessing, recording and demonstrating your organisations’ compliance with industry standards and internal processes.

Integrated compliance assessment and reporting is achieved by simply adding additional organisations, groups, suppliers, etc. (entities) to your account.*   

 Easily add and invite new users onto your account and centrally manage their access to the software’s features and functionality.*

Have peace-of-mind knowing your data is securely stored and backed up daily on our government-certified cloud servers and is subject to strict Australian laws governing confidentiality, security, and privacy. 

Compliance Master® is fully supported by our team of experienced compliance and quality experts. 

Speak to a real-person located here in Australia should you need help setting-up or using your software; we’re always happy to help.

* Additional charges may apply 

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