Compliance Auditing and Improvement Software

Compliance Master® is a cloud-based compliance auditing and continuous improvement solution for enterprises of any type or size.

The software enables enterprises to consistently assess, record and quickly produce evidence of their compliance with specified regulations, standards, agreements, processes, etc. .

Compliance Master® also operates as a continuous improvement system by enabling closed compliance audits to be quickly transformed into continuous improvement plans withthe click of a button.

Corrective actions can then be added against each identified non-compliance and centrally tracked through to completion and close-out.

With its clever design and actionable insights, Compliance Master® is the perfect compliance auditing and improvement solution for your enterprise.

Ideal for enterprises that:

  • Are required to comply with government laws, regulations, industry standards and customer requirements,
  • Need to be accredited or certified to customer and/or industry standards i.e. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27000, etc.,
  • Independently accredit and certify other enterprises and individuals to government and industry requirements i.e. suppliers, contractors, manufacturers, individuals, etc.

and, individuals responsible for:

  • Regularly assessing and reporting their enterprise’s compliance performance to boards, committees, senior-management and employees,
  • Demonstrating their enterprise’s compliance to external accreditation and certification auditors,
  • Regularly assessing and reporting the compliance performance of external organisations, groups, processes and individuals.
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