Up To 10 Years Jail For Deliberate Wage Fraud

New Victorian legislation could see employees jailed for up to 10 years for deliberate wage theft. Link The law, which includes fines of up to $991,320 for companies, has been opposed by industry groups that say it will duplicate “the already complex” workplace laws and similar legislative changes currently under consideration by the Federal government. […]

Fels Backs A.I. Wage-Theft Detector

The Age, Sydney 27/12/19:  Former ACCC chairman Allan Fels has backed union calls to use artificial intelligence and data matching to detect wage theft, saying technology should be a key weapon in tackling the “systemic” problem of underpayment.  “The problems of underpayment are systemic and not readily resolvable just by strong law enforcement – even […]

Woolworths Worker Underpayments Sparks Call For Payroll Audits

In the aftermath of Woolworths admission that it has underpaid nearly 6000 workers an estimated $300 million, company boards are being urged to take a greater interest in ensuring payroll compliance audits are being carried out by qualified personnel.  In an article written by Anna Patty of The Sydney Morning Herald, October 31,2019, Tracy Angwin, […]