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In today’s highly regulated business environment boards and executives are desperately seeking help from their spiralling compliance risks and costs. Have you got what it takes to come to their rescue in 2022? Have you got what it takes to become a compliance superhero?

Superhero Qualities and Traits

To become a compliance superhero in 2022 you will need to exhibit some super qualities and traits.

Firstly, you will need a super-vision.  The foresight to see through your enterprise’s current compliance challenges and to envisage a better future. 

Secondly, you will need a super-courage.  The nerve to stand up and sell your vision to board members, executives and managers where others can’t, or won’t. 

Thirdly, you will need super-strength.   The power to push through barriers and challenges standing in the way of your compliance vision.  Plus, the relentless determination to keep going despite setbacks.

Fourthly, you will need super-focus.  The determination to achieve your vision regardless of distractions.  Inspiring others to do the same through your super-energy and infectious optimism.

Next, you need to make your presence felt. Fortunately, this doesn't require a lurex suit and mask.  Just don’t hide yourself away at your desk. Get out and build connections with the people you’re intending to help, your stakeholders.

Taking the time to clearly and concisely explain your compliance vision and how it will benefit stakeholders will encourage their buy-in. Remember, good communication involves knowing when to talk, and when to listen. 

As a compliance superhero, you will also need to provide your stakeholders with the tools they need to achieve your shared compliance vision, and then step away.  

This is how modern compliance technology can become your most important super-power. 

Superhero Technology

Choosing the right compliance technology for your enterprise is the most important thing you can do to establish yourself as a true compliance superhero.  So, take the time to get it right.

One of the most common challenges many enterprises face is they continue to manage their compliance performance in siloes. Which often leads to unnecessarily high compliance costs, inconsistent compliance reporting, and worse still - unacceptable compliance risks. 

A more efficient and effective solution is to implement a single technology solution capable of reliably assessing, reporting and improving compliance performance enterprise-wide.  

A 2017 survey conducted by Deloitte found that improvements in compliance management processes and IT systems would not only help improve compliance performance but also reduce costs by up to 15%.

When selecting a compliance solution for your enterprise ensure your stakeholders are kept fully informed and involved in the process.  It’s also important to build an open working environment where everyone’s opinion is heard and considered.

The right balance of consultation and direction is critical here. Remember, poor communication is a compliance superhero’s kryptonite.  Too much and you could die; figuratively speaking that is. 

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