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Compliance Master and Sentrient Join Forces To Deliver Fully Integrated Compliance Solution

13th October, 2020 - Melbourne-based technology companies Compliance Master and Sentrient have announced a new partnership that provides customers a complete end-to-end compliance solution.

Under the new partnership arrangement Compliance Master customers will be able to seamlessly link their compliance assessment results to supporting compliance evidence located on Sentrient's HR management and on-line training platform, including;

  • Policy documentation
  • Work procedures and instructions
  • Training material
  • Employee onboarding and training records
  • KRAs and KPIs
  • Management reports
  • Process reports
  • Customer complaint reports
  • Employee feedback reports
  • Incident reports
  • Survey and audit reports
  • Performance improvement plans

"In today's highly regulated business environment it is no longer sufficient for board-members and executives to assume their employees are complying with government laws and regulations" said Compliance Master's Founder and MD, Peter Mills.

"As we've seen recently in Australia if an enterprise fails to provide timely compliance evidence to a regulator the impact on their reputation and bottom-line can be catastrophic", said Mills.

"No one likes to be the last to know they have a major compliance problem. That's why enterprises need to conduct regular self-assessments on their systems and processes and why these assessments need to be based on objective compliance evidence". said Mills.

"The major benefit of this new partnership is our customers will now have access to a seamless compliance management and reporting solution that enables them to access supporting compliance evidence as and when they need it", said Mills. "This is something many organisations find very difficult to do".

For more information visit Compliance Master at or call +613 9018 5577.

About Sentrient

Sentrient is a fully-integrated HR management, recruitment, onboarding, e-learning, people management and communications solution for small to medium and larger organisations. Read more here..

The software is targeted at business-managers and HR personnel seeking to improve how they manage the compliance performance of their employees and contractors. Read more here..

About Compliance Master

Compliance Master enables enterprises to regularly assess and report their compliance with specified laws, regulations, standards and customer requirements. Read more here..

The software is targeted at internal compliance personnel and independent certification and accreditation bodies seeking to improve how they assess and report enterprise compliance. Read more here..

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