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New Aged-Care Regulations Expected to Cause Surge in Non-Compliances

At a recent Criterion Governance in Aged Care conference held in Sydney, Pam Christie, executive director, industry engagement and communications with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission stated, "We do expect a spike in non-compliance, and that’s what everybody does expect.”

Ms Christie then went on to qualify her statement by saying, “If it is an isolated incident of non compliance and the provider had a good history of compliance, then the response is going to be different than if we’re very concerned about safety".  

Another presenter at the conference, Pat Sparrow, CEO, Aged and Community Services Australia, went on to say "that while ACSA support the new quality standards, some gaps in the guidance materials remain that could make it difficult for providers to comply". 

Sparrow also noted. “There’s going to be incredible confusion when assessors come in if we haven’t got the framework locked in for open disclosure,” Ms Sparrow said. 

She also said she was concerned about the time and resources it will take to have all aged care residents and recipients of home care services sign a charter of rights. 

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