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New Software Helps Aged-Care Providers Transition To Revised Quality Standards

Compliance Master® today announced the released of its new software solution which is designed to help Australian aged-care providers transition to the revised quality standards.  Link

The cloud-based software solution enables Australian aged-care providers to regularly assess and record evidence of their compliance with the government's new aged-care quality standards; which come into effect on the 1st July'19.  

As explained by Compliance Master’s CEO, Peter Mills, “One of the biggest challenges facing Australian aged-care providers is making sure their systems and processes comply with the new standards”.

“Another major challenge is being able to quickly demonstrate their compliance to government assessors during unannounced accreditation audits”, said Mr. Mills  “This can be a very time consuming and stressful time for providers, especially if their compliance evidence is scattered across different systems and locations”.

Compliance Master helps aged-care providers overcome these challenges by enabling them to regularly assess and quickly access evidence of their compliance using the one, easy-to-access software solution. 

Another time-saving feature of Compliance Master is its easy-to-understand dashboard which enables managers to monitor and compare the compliance performance of individual homes and facilities.

And, because Compliance Master has been specifically designed for the Australian aged-care sector, there is no time consuming set-up or configuration requirements.  “Just register on-line and your ready to go.  It’s that easy”, said Mr. Mills.  

You can read more about Compliance Master's new aged-care compliance management system here (Link)

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